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Your tap water may not be safe to drink unfiltered, since it may contain a large amount of contaminants and dissolved solids e.g. iron, rust, lead, salts, heavy metals, chromium, chlorine, mercury, and organic compounds. They are usually invisible to the naked eyes but visible with a TDS tester. Test your own water at home and see what it reads!

The best for your food & loved ones

ZeroWater removes virtually all contaminants and dissolved solids to leave you with nothing but the purest tasting water – the best for your food and loved ones.


Producing your own drinking water at home with ZeroWater not only avoids these microplastics, ZeroWater even filters out 99% of the microplastics that may still be contained in your tap water – together with all contaminants and dissolved solids.

The most convenient way to get the purest tasting water

The most convenient way to get drinking water from your tap with zero dissolved solids is with ZeroWater.

Wellness – Stay healthy, stay hydrated

How do you look after your health? Let ZeroWater be your primary source of wellness. Its 5-stage advanced filtration removes virtually all contaminants and dissolved solids, leaving you with nothing but the purest tasting water.

What is NSF?

NSF International is an independent organization that certifies products based on their safety for consumers. Some water filtration products only pass the NSF 42 rating, but for ZeroWater that is not enough. For the healthiest drinking water, it is important to also pass the NSF 53 rating which is for filtering out health-related contaminants.

Facial care

Tap water might be full of contaminants and dissolved solids, like chlorine, lead, mercury, salts, and even chromium that can cause irritations, or dehydration.

How many liters can a ZeroWater filter actually produce?

The higher the TDS number, the more total dissolved solids it contains and the less yield you will get.

Based on this video, the TDS reading of our tap water in Bangkok is at around 150 ppm which refers to approximately around 110 liters or equals to about 220 half-liter bottles! Only – without the plastic bottle waste!

The Secrets to the Zero Water Advanced Filtration Systems

Only ZeroWater leaves 000 Total Dilsolved Solids to deliver the purest taste water.

Introducing TDS tester

Are you sure that your water and bottled water is clean? Our TDS tester can tell you.

Detecting TDS with your own eyes

Water that you consider clean might be full of contaminants that your eyes can’t see. Testing your own water at home with the TDS meter.

Why Zero Water is different?

ZeroWater removes 18,000 MG of contaminants and is NSF 42&53 certified