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The Secrets to the Zero Water Advanced Filtration Systems

Only ZeroWater leaves 000 Total Dilsolved Solids to deliver the purest taste water.

Introducing TDS tester

Are you sure that your water and bottled water is clean? Our TDS tester can tell you.

Detecting TDS with your own eyes

Water that you consider clean might be full of contaminants that your eyes can’t see. Testing your own water at home with the TDS meter.

Why Zero Water is different?

ZeroWater removes 18,000 MG of contaminants and is NSF 42&53 certified

Best way to detox

Detox your body with the puriest water. Nothing but “Zero” – no impurities to refresh your body

Enhancing your health with purified water

Make the Silver Tumbler from Zero Water your reward after any of your sporting activities. Replenish with the puriest water and 0 Dissolved Solids.

Purest water for your children

For your child, only the puriest water will do. Insist on Zero Water.

Which size is perfect for your lifestyle?

Three convenient sizes for every household or business.

Silver Tumbler for on the go

Silver Tumbler – Create your own puriest water wherever you are – perfect for the on-the-go

Reduce Plastic Wastes

Help the environment – eliminate plastic bottles in your life and start filtering your own puriest water!

Afraid to go out during COVID-19?

Advantages of having Zerowater at home during Covid 19 Crisis